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Build a Skilled Workforce with Apprenticeship

Are you struggling to replace experienced team members?

If a lack of qualified and skilled employees is holding your company back, you’re not alone. Many companies in our region are feeling the impact of a talent shortage, leading to:

  • Failure to keep up with demand
  • Inability to grow or expand technology
  • Losing ground in competitive markets
  • A burned out workforce that is overscheduled
  • Safety risks

Current hiring practices are no longer effective in filling positions that require technical or advanced skills. Today’s tough labor market demands new strategies to attract and develop skilled talent.

Learn how GAP can give your company a strategic advantage.

Build a Reliable Talent Pipeline

Companies throughout the world and right here in Guilford County have been able to gain a competitive advantage and train a new generation of skilled team members through a registered youth apprentice program. 

Guilford Apprenticeship Program, also known as GAP, uses a proven model to help you build your own reliable talent pipeline. With apprenticeship, your company can take  a proactive approach to workforce talent challenges. You’ll help prepare apprentices to use advanced skills to innovate, lead, and boost your company to success. 

A Win for Students and Companies

Employers are able to:

  • Participate in a thorough screening process that recruits bright and motivated high school juniors and seniors
  • Mentor and train apprentices in-house for the positions they need
  • Lower training costs with grants
  • Get the support needed for fast onboarding of employee apprentices
  • Build company pride through current employees who act as mentors

Apprentices are able to:

  • Take college classes at Guilford Technical Community College, earn a degree, and gain skills at no cost
  • Learn on the job while earning pay
  • Start a rewarding job and career in high school 

Learn more about how students earn and learn during apprenticeship.

A Model for Any Company Size, Any Sector

Apprenticeship can be customized for companies of all sizes and from any type of industry sector. 

Currently, the GAP program has employers from six industry sectors:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • IT/Cybersecurity
  • Advanced Manufacturing 
  • HVAC/ Electrical/Plumbing 
  • Automotive
  • Pharmacy Technician

The technical skills students gain on the job and in classes at Guilford Technical Community College can be applied to jobs across a wide range of industries. GAP is actively working to add apprenticeship opportunities in: 

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Financial/Insurance

No matter what your industry sector, feel free to contact us to explore how apprenticeship can help your company overcome workforce challenges. 

Ongoing Guidance and Support

The GAP team and other local companies who have successfully implemented youth apprenticeship programs provide ongoing support and guidance. You’ll be able to learn from peers and build relationships with other business and education leaders in the community.

A Sustainable Advantage

The apprenticeship model allows you to create a long-term talent pipeline that helps protect you from market forces. It’s a program that builds momentum each year and has a positive impact on both your business and the community. 

See How Apprenticeship Can Work for Your Company

If you’re ready to explore youth apprenticeship, talk to a participating employer, or tour a local apprenticeship company, contact us today.

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