Career Paths

Forward-thinking companies from a range of work sectors offer apprenticeships through Guilford Apprenticeship Partners (GAP). As part of the application process, you’ll have a chance to visit these companies to see various career possibilities firsthand. 

Each year, more companies in our area start new apprenticeship opportunities in order to fill gaps for skilled team members and to stay competitive in today’s economy. This continued growth in apprenticeship means the number of career pathways for students is expanding. 

Current GAP Career Pathways

Guilford Apprenticeship Partners (GAP) currently offers apprenticeships in four different industry sectors: 

  • Advanced Manufacturing – Turn ideas into products and help create innovative, quality products as part of advanced manufacturing. This sector includes careers such as machining, robotics, injection molding, quality control, fabrication, and more.  
  • IT/Cybersecurity – Learn to help companies of all sizes manage and secure today’s computer networks. 
  • Automotive – Help manufacture specialty vehicles or learn to repair and maintain vehicles of all types. 
  • HVAC/Electrical/ Plumbing – Gain skills in commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical installation, maintenance, and repair, including automated systems control. 

Coming Soon

Opportunities for adult apprentices are currently being planned for the near future. 

Find Your Exciting Career

You can learn more about possible careers during the company tours interested students attend each fall and winter.