Apprenticeships are one of the oldest forms of training, providing the benefits of  learning on the job under the direction of a journey or a senior employee.  Registered apprenticeship programs have a  long, rich history dating back to 1937.  Apprentices train for an occupation by receiving a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training.  They are compensated for their work, and their wages are on a progressive scale, increasing as they achieve competency milestones.  All apprentices will work as well as complete their in-class room duties according to a schedule that is set by their prospective employer. When they complete the program, apprentices will receive a Certificate of Completion and will have earned the highly skilled “journey worker” designation. This program is a 4-year program.


1/2 day at high school

1/2 day hands-on training at company *PAID*


1 day/week at GTCC for college coursework *PAID*

4 days/week hands-on training at company *PAID*


Apprentices are PAID for work hours, as well as their time at school during years 2 – 4

Community College is at no expense, books and tuition are covered 100%

A career path upon graduation

What kind of jobs are included in an Apprenticeship training program?

CNC Machinists – CNC machinists work with computer numeric controlled (CNC)  machinery from setup to operation, producing parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials. CNC Machines are precision machines that cut, grind or drill into the material. CNC machinists will make adjustments to the machine to control speed, material feed and path of the cut, as well as to make sure the machines are set up properly, working well and producing quality product.

Tool & Die Makers – Very similar to a CNC Machinist, they work with computer-controlled machinery and mechanical equipment to cut, shape and finish tools made of metal, or forge die casts for creating molds for materials made from metal, plastic, ceramic and more.

Welders – Use a variety of different techniques(MIG/TIG/Stick) to meld metal. This is a complex and tedious form of Advanced manufacturing.

We offer 5 different Apprenticeship Tracks:
*Advanced Manufacturing
*Aviation Mechanics
*Service Technicians (HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing)
*Automotive Technicians

The list is endless..

  • Electronics Technician
  • Quality Technician
  • Machine Assembly & Repair
  • Process Technician
  • Mold Maker
  • Automation Technician
  • Fabrication Technician
  • Robotics Technician/Welder
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electrical Assembly
  • Knitting Technician
  • Automotive Technician

We also are expanding to Service Fields such as

  • HVAC Technician
  • Electrician Technician
  • Plumber Technician