As a parent/guardian your role with this program is vital.  We need your support to help your student become as successful as possible.  Before we accept any application from an interested student, we will need your acknowledgement of the commitment that this program will require.
mybitmapWe can all see the future benefits very clearly; the income while learning, zero college tuition debt, an Associate Degree, Journeyman certificate in an advanced manufacturing trade, and nearly 4 years of on the job work experience.  What is often overshadowed by the end results, is the hard work and commitment necessary to achieve these results.  While their former classmates are at home playing video games, or whatever extra curricular activities they choose, your students will be going to work/learn for their future.  Your part of this solution is to help keep them motivated and focused on the goal.

Our commitment to you is that we will treat your student with the utmost respect, teach them everything we can, and do it as safely as possible.  While we are a partnership of business, each of us as a representative have families.  We all want to see these students succeed and will give them every opportunity to do so, as long as they are reciprocating the effort.  We do this because we would like to see our families and students treated the same way.

We welcome any questions or concerns that you, as a parent/guardian may have about this program.  We are still learning too, and your question or concern may help us improve the program to continue to make it the best in the State.